Enrolment has now closed and the Confirmation Program has commenced.

The Sacrament of Confirmation will be held 26/27 August 2017.

For your diary, the dates of the Confirmation Program is below:

Confirmation 2017 (all Sessions 7pm)

26 July        Wed            Parent Info Session, 7pm

29/30 Jul      Sat/Sun       Presentation Masses

2 August      Wed            Session 1

9 August      Wed            Session 2

16 Aug         Wed            Session 3

23 Aug         Wed            Session 4 & Practice

25 Aug         Fri               Confirmation Retreat Day

26 Aug         Sat              Confirmation Mass, 6pm

27 Aug         Sun             Confirmation Mass, 10am

Please don’t hesitate to contact the Parish office if you have any questions 6286 1908 or